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No worries. I'm not offended.

I just know that not everyone at this board is adult. Impressionable teens lurk at diet boards reading what we write. It's the same as impressionable images. YKWIM?

Does anyone think this is an appropriate role model image for young girls to be comparing themselves to?"
Ad images are for selling product. So I woudn't think ANY ad is appropriate as a role model for building body image and self esteem. That isn't what they are for. The main function of an ad is to make you think you need a thing so you buy it. Sometimes, the ad does this by creating anxiety and make you wonder if you have a "problem" so you can buy the product to "fix" it.

Some ads are in poor taste, and others are designed quite well. But I don't think catalog images and ads are good for basing self-esteem and body image on.

Better to build your own fashion style according to what you like and flatters, be healthy and fit, and take pride in yourself and your skills. To hold yourself in good esteem because you know you are a capable person of substance.

Not just all surface or image like some throwaway catalog pix.

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