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Yes, I think she looks unhealthy. It seems that few women, especially Caucasian women, are naturally that thin. I hope that's not an inaccurate misconception, it's only something I've noticed.

I don't want to say she looks anorexic, but if I saw someone like this on the streets or the beach I would probably question whether her weight was related to an ED. It is sad that this is an image young girls and women in general strive for or are said/supposed to strive for. I do not find it attractive, primarily BECAUSE it makes me think she's unhealthy. If I knew for a fact she was healthy and she was simply this thin, I think my perceptions would adjust (because I wouldn't want to judge someone who's naturally that thin for their natural body size, in the same way I don't like how overweight people get judged). Hope that makes sense.

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