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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post

My husband is always saying "if you need me to say or do something to be supportive, could you please tell me what it is, because I'm obviously not very good at guessing."


If you find yourself thinking "I shouldn't have to tell him what's wrong, he should know," you're probably dealing with "translation" issues.
I have to give this a huge husband had to 'learn' what I needed him to say sometimes in certain situations- they don't always just know. And the person you will want to be with forever? He will be the kind of person who wants to take care of you and know what you just need to hear sometimes. It took a couple of tearful convos early on in our relationship before he learned that NO he could not agree with me that my new haircut makes me look like I am my mom from the 80'

You WILL find the absolute best guy, and will wonder how the heck he wasn't already taken Because, the guy you think is awesome and makes up for all the guys that really do suck, will probably be the guy that sticks around, and you *want* him to stick around.
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