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Wow…ok, this is for girls who getting upset, like I did, about extra pounds over night. I lost 5 lb of water in one day!!! The most strange part of it, I didn’t drink my water yesterday (1.5 – 2.0 L is my usual per day), so I guess drink more – loose more don’t really apply to my body, does it?

I was actually thinking back to 9 years ago, when I was not counting calories, but just following intuitive eating with great success of keeping weight off , and I realized that I never forced myself to drink water or had big bottle on my desk, like I do now. I would have couple of glasses of water to take my herbal supplements, that’s all.

I never ever had problem with water retention back then. Now that I am forcing myself to have at least 1.5 L per day, I am straggling with water retention almost on weekly basis. Maybe I should just follow my intuition here as well and drink ONLY when I am thirsty? Is it possible that my body don’t like all that extra water I am putting in?

Does anybody else don’t drink those 8 glasses per day and feeling ok?
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