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I think guys only suck when you expect them to think like women.

Don't get me wrong, there are jerks and buttholes in both genders, but I like most men and I like most women too, and usually I understand how both tend to think.

Men and women do tend to think differently (and it's all on a spectrum. You'll find exceptions and degree of difference in both genders as well). I always sided with "the guy" in most of my friends relationships, so I always thought I was more of a male-brained person. It was only after I married that I learned that I think a lot more like a girl than I ever thought I did (or at least did when I was single).

I still think that women (including myself) often set ourselves up for the worst. If you ask a guy "does this outfit make me look fat," you deserve whatever crap comes out of his mouth.

My husband is always saying "if you need me to say or do something to be supportive, could you please tell me what it is, because I'm obviously not very good at guessing."

Actually, the truth is he's much better at guessing than I should expect anyone to be, so I'm really lucky on that front. Although I do tend to forget that when I'm hormonal (I have PMS and PMDD issues, I essentially lose my mind and ability to translate malespeak into femalespeak once a month).

If you find yourself thinking "I shouldn't have to tell him what's wrong, he should know," you're probably dealing with "translation" issues.
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