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S/C/G: maintaining


Debbie - I love the title!

Linda - I can't keep ice cream in the house. Interesting fact: I grew up on the east coast and always heard they eat more ice cream than anyone else. Of course I had to google that and now it seems no one agrees.

Heidi - We had that same weather pattern. I hope you manage a walk today.

Ruth - Our cars are 9 and 10 years old. I would love a new one; my eye is on a hybrid. But I am too cheap. Maybe when DS goes to college. DH started our taxes yesterday and he is GROUCH!

Twynn - Sounds like a good trip. Enjoy.

Mmc - I always tell myself the same thing - I need to remember that great feeling. And I also need to remember how the crap makes me feel like crap! Great job this week

Cyndi - I hope you get that walk in. I am going to admit a TMI here... I stopped eating the slaw because it seemed to be more aptly named "gas" slaw for me. Sigh.

GeoK - Snow! When low-rise jeans first came out I hated them and the idea. Then I got a pair and they actually were more comfy on my wider waist. Less to bunch when I sit and the belly bulges over. Hmm.

Lisa - Your picture looks just like you sound when talking about your boys. They grow up so fast!

Anne - After reading Heidi's beautiful comment I went back to your post. I couldn't say it better than she did. My niece is on the spectrum, high functioning, and graduating as well. Off to a PHD program next!

Going to DS's track meet today. He finally gets to try a shorter race so it will be interesting to see how he does. Here is my strange "thoughful" for the day - I am actually just a bit concerned to be losing weight right now. The reason is that I have not done weight training in weeks (and cannot remember the last time that happened) and am worried I am already losing muscle. And you know they say muscle weighs more than fat. On a positive note, Triscuit-free for 5 days!

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