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I was slow and mopey this morning but the idea of Ruth driving around in a red corvette got my attention I drive a gray 2003 Echo so it's pretty easy to beat that for excitement.

Debbie - Hope the sun shines on your drive over the mountains

Cottage - I'm often grateful that I can start over with a brand new day. Happy end of the work week to you

Heidi - Isn't this weather crazy?! A couple of weeks ago 60 would have been warm now it feels cool. Hope you get a chance to get out for a walk today.

Ruth - I love getting those winter tires off! Hope your day is a good one too

Anne - Wow, how exciting for your son. Thinking of you and your family.

Twynn - Happy travels

Mmc - Here's to a great new day

I think today is an office day. I had another meeting but I just don't think it's worth my time. Things are so fluid right now that sitting around talking about our jobs next year seems silly. Everything could change 5 times between now and the budget passing. Might as well go to the office and get my actual work done.

It looks like the rain will hold of until tonight so I'm going to fit another walk in. Crackslaw may be my secret to more weeknight walks. I love quick, easy meals!
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