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Good morning Debbie! Have a safe trip this morning and enjoy the water aerobics. I know it's kind of silly, but I can't see a pool without thinking of you now. lol

Good morning Linda! I'm wearing capri pants with a snug waistband this morning too. I'm at that annoying place where one size is droopy/baggy through the seat and hips, and the size down is perfect through the seat and hips but snug on my little pot belly. Enjoy your busy day!

It got up to 81 degrees here yesterday - that's warm for summer in the mountains of Maine. We had the kids outdoors several times to enjoy the beautiful weather but unfortunately by the time my meetings ended and I got home it was raining too hard for a walk. The rain brought slightly cooler weather so I guess I'll be back to wearing a light jacket today. Just as well though, it was pretty hard to be content working inside the last couple of days!

Anne, I read your post in yesterday's thread. Congratulations to your son and to you and your husband. What an accomplishment! I'm sorry the long shifts are wearing you down. I've been spending a lot of time in hospitals the past couple of years and have noticed the long, long shifts many of the nurses work. I don't know they manage to work so long and so hard yet remain patient and cheerful with grumpy patients - but I'm sure thankful for the nurses who care for my dad. I've been praying for your family's job/financial situation each time I see your avatar. I'll add prayers for your stamina and health too, now that I know about the long shifts.

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