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Wow! You are already pretty awesome yourself for taking the time to talk to the fat chicks here!

My husband walks with me, rides bikes with me, and even does the video workout with me. He can run circles around me in all the activities, so I know when he goes with me he is just being supportive and I so much appreciate that. He also seems to notice when I'm struggling when I am exercising and acts as a one man cheering sectionl Never criticizes my poor abilities, but stays positive. It's helped a lot for me to keep pushing myself harder so that one day I can bike or hike to his level.

Foodwise, I do most of the cooking and we shop together. He eats pretty much whatever I eat and no longer suggests going out for food that isn't on my plan. If I need extra help with food prep, he helps. Sometimes, he cooks. If he cooks, I clean up the kitchen, but usually he cleans because I cook.

Whenever I need something...special food, clothes, equipment, he encourages me to get it.


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