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Weekly Update - Week 17

Starting Weight - 260 lbs
Current Weight - 202 lbs
Loss This Week -0 lbs
Total Loss - 58 lbs

Per my prediction last week, not surprised to see a 0 this week. The 4 last week was an anomoly after 5-6 straight weeks of losing 2 per week and was partially lower water weight. I'm actually pleased to not go up since I had a hard workout on Sat, and then Easter was over calorie which tends to lead to more water weight. I did good last week, so not worried about the 0.

NSV of the Week

After losing my first 9 pounds I made this post....back in December
Originally Posted by randomcards View Post
Had to stop by the store to pick up a new temporary belt (my one "fat" belt wore out) and decided to get one 4 inches shorter than my current belt in a moment of boldness (note I have not lost 4 inches, my fat belt had a little growing room). I tried it on and could just get it buckled on the widest buckle so I figure that will be some good motivation to get that new belt up to the 3rd or 4th notch.
Wore that belt this weekend and I am now wearing it comfortably on the tightest notch. In otherwords this belt is now too big for me! I'll have to get another smaller one!

At home again so not a whole lot to talk about. I did wander from plan more than I should have this weekend.

Friday my mother arrived into town so we went out to eat. I made some good choices at a Mexican restaurant, but it was still definately off plan. Then Saturday night we went to a dinner/movie and I did not do great at that meal (although really good up to that point). Then Sunday was Easter dinner which is going to be off plan. But in each case I still made better conscious decisions than I used to make in the past so that is good.

On a more positive note, there were tons of tempting food around the house this week, Easter candy, leftovers, cake, ice cream, etc, and I ignored all of it. This is a good sign for being able to pace myself with the onslaught of meals we will get when the baby comes.

Also, I am eating far too many 60 calorie sugar free puddings. Too much of a good thing.

Great week here, had 5 solid gym days only skipping Friday this week. Started to up the intensity at the gym this week, and do more short circuit type high intensity exercises which are tough but good for me I think.

I'm now running a mile at the beginning of all of my workouts at a 7.5 on the treadmill (8 min mile pace) which is awesome, never pictured I would be able to do that. And most gym days my total cardio ends up being 3-4 miles. I'm feeling pretty strong, but not as agile or flexible as I'd like, I hate working on that stuff, but need to make it a higher priority.

Looking to the future
Still no kiddo 2 (again!). That's the big event of the week hopefully (wife is already 5 days overdue). Again I'm still nervous about how this will impact diet/exercise, but my energy and confidence is high to keep going!

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