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Smile Breakfast.

Originally Posted by mkebeling3 View Post
I would love to know what your day looks like as far as food goes. Breakfast is especially a concern.

Thanks for any input!

Breakfasts I've been eating: Raw nuts (almonds) and an apple, plain yoghurt with cut up orange and strawberries, cottage cheese and sunflower seeds, hard boiled egg (Omega-3 eggs). Tuna, tomato, and cucumber salad one morning. (These are several diff menus, not all at one meal!!!)

I just go for some kind of protein plus some "live" food. Still a little unsure about the live food thing, but he seems to be talking about non-processed foods, so I figure that raw nuts, fruits, and veggies will work. Working more fish into the diet because I am craving it (for the first time in my entire life!)

I have been trying to let go of my notions about "proper" menus, and just go for the live-plus-protein menu instead.

Am taking supplements: probiotic with big glass of water first thing in AM, then high quality multivitamin + minerals plus additional omega-3 and enzymes with breakfast. Another probiotic with glass of water at bedtime (empty stomach.) Gonna revisit the supplements at some point, but this seems to be working for now.

I had really given up. I'm 55 years old, post-menopausal, and I seemed doomed to slow weight gain until it killed me. This is really profoundly different, and I feel hopeful for the first time in years.
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