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Weekly Update - Week 16

Starting Weight - 260 lbs
Current Weight - 202 lbs
Loss This Week -4bs
Total Loss - 58 lbs

Well a 4 is obviously a huge humber since I am getting close to goal and haven't had a number this high in 2 months. That said without getting into too much TMI I was definately a bit emptier this morning than an average day. And I didn't work out Fri-Sun so water a bit lower than average maybe. Still undeniable progress, but I won't be surprised to see a 0 or -1 next week.

Boring boring boring week. Nothing fun or exciting to say. This part of life when I'm at home is becoming somewhat routine (which is great) and I already made a post about this past weekend which was really the only interesting stuff.

Ooo one interesting thing. Based on a post I saw on here I got a case of these things called Popchips from Amazon. I got salt and vinegar which is my favorite chip flavor. I decided to get the little bags (0.8 oz) the size of a normal single serving you might get in a store. But they are really light so seems like more than the weight. Only 100 calories and very satisfying, not quite the same as normal chips, but a very very good alternative. I recommend them for chip fiends (assuming you can avoid eating 5 bags at a time which is why I got the little ones).

Pretty boring here as well. Worked out M-Th then took Fri-Sun off. I could have gotten in a workout on Friday but passed, and Sat-Sun weren't going to happen.

One cool thing from this week. I left my house to go to the gym this morning and my car wasn't there (and my wife was running errands in our other car)! Then I remembered that I left my car at church yesterday and we forgot to go back and get it. My first inclination was to say "Well too bad guess I can't go to the gym (I actually workout at our church) today. But it was really nice and I had the time so I decided to jog to our church which as I found out later is 2.4 miles away. So that was a nice little victory.

Looking to the future
Still no kiddo 2. I now think I have a more legitimate chance of getting to 200 officially before he comes!

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