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(((Hugs))) to you Gayle. And CONGRATS to you for not turning to food to help you deal with anger and frustration!!

Sometimes men just don't get it. It IS different for them. Many gain wait cuz they don't know a thing about nutrition ... many lose weight the first time they try a diet because it IS the first time and they haven't screwed up their metablolism by years of trying.

I think that when you both are in a calm mood, you need to talk this out with him and tell him how hurt you are. Also, he needs to know that weight loss surgery for you is NOT his decision to make. From what I've heard, if your head is not committed the aftermath can be extremely difficult. And it IS major surgery, not without risk. Would he tell you to have an apendectomy or a hysterectomy because some famous TV personality did?!!? This is between you and your doctor!

I wish you the best.
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