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The problem in getting "just the facts," about sweeteners, is that there is no consensus on what those facts are. Even among "the experts" there's as much disagreement as agreement.

I prefer Splenda, and aspartame as a distant second. I've researched them to my satisfaction, and I'm satisfied that they're safe for occasional use. I'm not suggesting that anyone make the same choice. Sorting the fact from the fiction isn't easy, and it doesn't result in a clear-cut answer for everybody.

My general outlook is that overall diet is more important than any specific choice. So overall, I'm eating more whole foods, and using all sweeteners much less than when I started. I always thought I ate "fairly healthy" even at my highest weight because I avoided fast food, and preferred "real" foods, and bought a lot of foods from farmers' markets, gourmet shops, and health food stores. I ate a lot of fruit (and took in a lot of calories from fruit. I ate a lot of vegetables, but added high fat or high salt seasonings and sauces. I ate whole grain breads and pastas, but added fatty accompaniments like butter, nut oils, freshly ground nut butters (cashew butter, my favorite), fatty pesto sauces...

Even eating healthy foods requires moderation. Too much of a good thing, is still too much.

My overall strategies with sweeteners is to try and use them more and more sparingly (I use less than I did before, and hopefully will use them less in the future). A bag of Splenda that used to last me a couple months, is now lasting nearly a year. Progress over perfection.
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