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Originally Posted by committed1 View Post
Its hard to keep up with you all!

2 questions:

Corned Beef...allowed? It is not on my list and besides the high salt content, I am not sure what is wrong with it.

Exercise....who is doing it? My coach just said to ease back into it and I should be fine, no need for an extra packet or protein. What are yours telling you?
I don't have a corn beef info sheet to look at but how much fat is in it? It could be that or the sodium they put in it???

As far as the exercise goes. I am really trying to get back into some routine. However, on my week 9 I lifted weights twice and walked 3 times. I only lost 1.6 pounds. My week 10 I did not have time to exercise at all and I lost 4.4 pounds. HMMM, pretty strange.

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