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Originally Posted by steelgal View Post
Good afternoon IP friends,
I'm at work today and jusy getting to get on to say hi!
I was reading somewhere in the posts that someone was staying away from the restictives and only using the non-restictives, if you have a few a week,(restictives) not every day, does it slow down the loss process?

This is my 4th week and I have had a couple of the restrictives (no more than one a day).
I have to wiegh in 2 days early as my coached changed the day, (better for me, I hated Saturday AM's) so I'm hoping for even a small loss and inches tomorrow!
Thanks much for your input!
Julie, I eat a restricted every day and I sometimes eat 4 proteins as well as my meal. I have lost 34.4 pounds since January 4th. I actually did a week on Atkin's and lost 5 then started IP January 13th. This is how my losses have gone.
Week 1 -5
Week 2 -5.4
Week 3 -3.6
Week 4 -4.6
Week 5 -1.6
Week 5 -3.6
Week 6 -2.4
Week 7 - took a 5 day break went to Vegas and had a wonderful time and ate whatever I wanted. I did not weigh the week I got back at my coaches but on my scale after being home and back on IP 1 day I was at the same weight as when I left for Vegas.
Week 8 -2.2
Week 9 -1.6
Week 10 -4.4

I feel if I get hungry and eat a 4th protein it will not hurt my loss too bad. It is a better choice than eating potato chips or chocolate. I think we tend to eat the same thing every day and our body gets used to it so it helps to throw it a curve ball now and again. I am at the lowest weight right now that I have been in 5 years and have 24 more until I reach my goal. If it comes off a little slower than some, so be it. I don't feel deprived and I should still reach my goal by summer. I also think that losing a little slower helps the loose skin catch up, just my theory though.

Good Luck with your weigh in tomorrow and don't let the scale get you down. As long as you are following the plan the pounds and inches are melting away and befor you know it you will meet your goal!

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