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Originally Posted by Mom22 View Post
Hello all - just caught up on the posts. So many of you are losing as well as having NSV. Congratulations. Sorry in advance for the long post but i'm feeling really chatty today.

When I hear some who are getting discouraged because they feel that they aren't losing fast enough or not losing as much as others, it brings me back to some of the posts by the "old timers" back in January. These feelings seem to be a stage that many dieters experience. You've settled in to the diet, but it's starting to seem like you've been at it for a while; you're starting to see the cost add up,maybe you're not losing as much as others every week, and you're ready for the diet to be over.

Let's face it, this diet does spoil you - you really expect to lose that 3-7 lbs every week and when you don't you're disappointed. Crazy... Remember other diets when losing 1 lb was cause for celebration?

I went through these feelings too - but i started the end of October and experienced it back in Feb. I perservered and got through it. Except for the first two weeks, i never lost those huge amounts. But I have lost - lost pounds and inches - every single week - even when i made a couple of poor choices. I stalled at one point too and almost cried when I weighed in and had only lost 1 lb - I remember thinking - I just spent $90 to lose 1 lb - didn't cheat or have any foods that i shouldn't have. I tried the carb bootcamp approach (less than 25 carbs/day) but what really kick started my loss again was more food - but low fat protein not chips and junk.

Instead of comparing my losses to what others were getting, I spent more time enjoying the change in me - find an old picture of yourself - you'll be amazed at the difference - catch a glimpse of yourself in a store window - notice how much you've changed. And I never wore my old fat clothes - once they were baggy, i stopped wearing them. I figured, I'm working at this hard, i'm going to make sure my clothes reflect the changes - I might wear the same two pairs of pants over and over again - but they fit and look so small that i'm still amazed.

I'm .3 lbs from my goal weight - yes .3! When I weighed in I was hoping that's I'd make it this week - my coach laughed and asked if I wanted to go pee to see if that would make a difference - I said - oh I already did that. I'm not worried at all. I'm in phase 3 and still losing - only 1.1 lbs this week but I'll take it. i could stay here for a good long time, it's so easy. Cost is not an issue - 1 IP packet a day - and only because they're easy. I figure I'll be in maintenance right away and then maybe in the fall i'll lose another few pounds. Right now I'm thinking that I could weigh less but always in the back of my mind i remember when i was 200 lbs and 150 was a distant dream. But here I am - one pound at a time, one week at a time...
Mom22, thanks for writing this. It is helpful to hear from people who have experienced the feelings I am having. Congratulations on all your success. I hope to be there someday...
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