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vegetarians on IP

Originally Posted by Birman
Yes. I'm a vegetarian. So are Ogdog and CinnamonSparkles. Novak is a pescetarian. It's a bit trickier doing IP as a vegetarian, but definitely doable.

Sorry I'm behind... just got back from a week at Walt Disney World, and I'm trying to catch up. Birman, I could be wrong, but I think you are the only legit veggie on board. I'm pretty sure Ogdog and Sparkles have both mentioned eating seafood... as do I. That would make you the official resident expert, unless someone else fesses up. Congratulations!
Novak - you're right about me! I eat seafood now so technically I'm not vegetarian anymore. Was strict about it for 8 years (no eggs either) until 2008. When I go off IP I am going to try to eat vegetarian again, and maybe switch to raw foods. It might be healthier for my body. I can tell that animal protein aggrevates my sensitive skin. So Birman - I'm going to bug you about how you count all your protien substitutes with the carbs/protein, how you count everything, etc. And how you eat on a daily basis. I'll send you a message. I think I go to phase 4 starting on April 1.

babs181 - Do you have eczema? That's what it sounds like to me. Wierd rash on parts of the body like legs, inner elbows, neck, foot, forehead (that's where I've had it). I have it and I always think it's a poison ivy rash. But it's not! I even put some strong Rx cream on a spot on my forehead thinking it was poison ivy and now I have a little mark/scar there. Ooops. Have you asked your doctor about eczema? It's hard to even know what causes it. They think that it could be caused by food or environmental irritants. Although there's no way to test for each person to see what causes it for that person. Switch to a gentle soap that's not really soap - like Dove or something all natural like vegetable glycerin. Use fragrance free laundry detergent. Can't hurt, might help anyway, even if you don't have eczema! I also use only products for beauty care that do not have animal products in them (they are less likely to cause irritation that way since they are more natural to begin with). Ask your doc about eczema. Mine didn't appear until I became an adult - I never had it as a child. But I also grew up on a farm so I think the natural countryside had something to do with my good health! I hope you can figure out what your rash is and what is causing it. By the way, my mom lives on a farm in PA and I think it is too early for the poison ivy to have the oil that causes skin reactions on it. I'll ask her to be sure. Also, eczema is incredibly itchy and it spreads when you itch it (think the skin just gets more and more irritated, not that it's an oil that spreads)! Gosh I hate it!
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