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Originally Posted by guinea pig View Post
Whether it's thickness in africa or thinness in the us it's all about the same thing, reinforcing that a woman's worth is based on their body.

I'm not pointing to anyone specifically in this thread, but I've heard those fat positives cultures brought up in a feminist perspective and that is just ridiculous. I don't see any difference between telling someone they need to skip meals or force feed themselves to look attractive.
I definitely agree with this...and I hope it came across that I wasn't trying to condone other cultures equally oppressive constructs of feminine beauty. I would argue though that this debate isn't just about a woman's worth being based on their body but also a man's worth. I think men are being put under an increasingly large amount of pressure to conform to an "idealized" image. For some reason it's just not talked about as much (or maybe it is and I don't know because I'm not a guy). I know my boyfriend feels a lot of pressure to be muscular yet slim. And he takes pride in his tall height (6'4") and mostly hairless chest because that is what is glamorized in this culture.
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