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Josh, congratulations to you! What an inspiration you are! :-)

Had my weigh in yesterday, due to TOM I was up .6 but all my other numbers had improved. My counselor told me not to worry about drinking the occasional soda sweetened with Splenda, as long as I'm not using large amounts of Splenda in addition to drinking the soda.

I fel in love with the premade vanilla drinks yesterday. *sigh* Also, had a vanilla peanut bar - OMG. Those could be addicting, just like the pesky Reese's Easter Eggs used to be. They don't even look or sound good anymore though. That's what I love about IP, among other things. I had an amazing salad last night while my friends ate greasy burgers and fries, and while I enjoyed the smell of their food I wasn't tempted in any way to try it or get some for myself. That's progress, folks!
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