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Originally Posted by Birman View Post

This morning I looked in the mirror and I saw... THIS!!!

Yes, you saw it right. GRAY HAIR! And a big whopping clump of it, no less.

I figured when I finally started turning gray, I would see one gray hair. Then a month later another one. Then in a few months they would start multiplying by several at a time, etc. But to start with a BIG WAD right out of the blue! I can't believe it!

I am not someone who typically spends much time fiddling with her hair. So, the gray wad has been growing there for a few weeks and I just didn't see it. But a few weeks maximum. Yes -- ALL of it came out of the blue just recently. I checked my calendar, and last time I saw my hairdresser was January 7. I had absolutely no gray then. None. When I was sitting right in front of the mirror and staring right at my hair I didn't see it. But more significantly, I specifically asked my hairdresser then if she saw any gray hairs. (I ask every time I go. Have for years.) She said no. So, I am turning gray, and turning gray rapidly, starting sometime after January 7, 2010.

So. Why on earth did I start going SO gray SO rapidly right now? I know it seems odd, but do you think it is any chance it is this IP diet? (I started on February 10.) If someone else asked me that, I'd say not likely. I'd think that the gray was probably growing there for months and they didn't see it. But I know for a fact that it's all new. Someone on this messageboard PM'd me a few weeks ago saying that this diet was causing her to lose her hair. I wrote back that I thought I read somewhere (don't remember where) that the diet can do that, but the hair grows back later. Is it possible that this diet could initiate and / or accelerate graying on rare occasion???
Hi, Birman, you have some beautiful red hair. Hopefully, the gray stops spreading. When I was in my late twenties (now I'm 52), I banged my upper forehead really hard in the exact same spot where your gray is. The hair there started going gray immediately from the trauma. There is a blue spot under the skin there to this day. Did you maybe hit your head as well? I now have some gray throughout the rest of my nearly black hair, but very little considering my age. Also, I have a 22-year-old niece with polycystic ovarian syndrome whose hair went completely gray while she was still in her teens. It was like overnight. The roots were completely gray in contrast to her brown hair. The doctors had no idea why this happened, even with the PCOS. I don't know if the IP diet could have caused the gray spot or if it's just a coincidence, but I'm hoping for the latter.
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