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Originally Posted by sassykimann View Post

I tried a chocolate peanut bar and I almost instantly broke into hives so no more of that. Im sticking to my 2 vanilla shakes and my 1 jello a day. It freaked me out a bit when it happened and Im not sure why.Has anyone had that issue before
I've been on IP two and a half weeks now, and last week, I started to have some strange rashes and such. I'm working with a remote coach as there is no one around me that does IP, so I'm going between my doctor to see the rashes, and talking to the coach. Started off with my face, and the coach said it's probably either an allergy to the soy protein or detox, my doctor thought an allergy, but as I've never been allergic to soy protein and was eating it at least 2-3 times a week, didn't think that was it, he gave me an eye cream and told me to take benedryl. My coach said to stay away from products with soy protein for a few days to see. I took the benedryl, cream and one day on drinks only, which is all I have without soy protein, that went way in a couple days. Then this Monday, I woke up to a bad itchy rash on my leg. It looked strangely like poison ivy, which is the only thing I've ever been allergic to. I can't figure out where it could have come from as it just started getting warm here in PA. I put some cream I keep at home on it for poison ivy, and went about the daily business, yesterday it spread a little to my torso and arm, and today even more, so I'm going back to my doctor and talking to my coach. I'm really hoping it's poison ivy, strange as that might be, or my body detoxing, but as I have only the remote coach, I am checking with my doc to see if he can identify it. I'm also going to stick to the drinks for a couple days again, which I'm almost out of so have to order more, and if soy is really the case, my coach said she'll see about exchanging. The catch is it takes 3 days for an order to get to me, an I don't have enough drinks to do that only for 3 days, so I'm stuck eating soy, just going to cut down if that's the case.

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