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Good Morning

Thanks for getting us started, Mmc. I'm glad to hear you're back to feeling great. You described exactly how I feel. For me, the memory of how it feels is simply accomplished by sticking pretty close to plan as a WOE and WOL. That way, the small detours are just that, because I don't eat that way anymore. I'll keep my fingers crossed about your boss-it does sound too good to be true! Your Spring resolution sounds great!

Cyndi, glad you get to WFH today. If your Wii is so smart, it should recognize it's the time of year to get outside. I thought of you yesterday; I came upon a two hr "swap" at the Morman church with some good clothes for free. I got several smaller items to add to my wardrobe!

Linda, have a great day out "visiting".

Lisa, are you doing something special for Spring Break?

Twynn, I hope you have an uneventful day at work and I hope the goodies disappear from your reach very soon.

Heidi, I hope your day is OP ad low stress, as well. Flooding already?? Seems early.

Lauren, enjoy your Seder today. I think tradition is really important for kids.

We have determined we're the first up in this little town. It's amazing-so busy during the day and not a soul moving in the AM. It's so quiet, all you can hear is the river. We're going to visit several old cemeteries on our way out of town looking for Kirk's ancestors then hit the interstate for a quick drive back. I think it will be 8 hours driving. I think we've started a new tradition-we'll come here the first week of Spring every year. I like doing the Natl Parks during off season. What we missed in flowers and greenery was more than offset by the lack of crowds.

Enjoy your day everyone!
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