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Good morning Mmc. I've got a fresh pot of dark roast here, wish I could send you a cup
ETA - what a great way to look at changes. thanks for sharing that

Today is a planned WFH day for me. I have a newsletter to do and it just never gets done at the office with all the interruptions. Came home early yesterday with a touch of some kind of yuck. It aggravated my usual stuff and I was an achy mess with a slightly off tummy. Hope today is better but at least I'm at home.

I love WFH days - I'll do a little cooking, some working out and maybe run to the grocery store so I don't have to go Saturday. I'll also get a lot of work done. I'm sure the Wii Fit will pout at me because I've been using Active lately and haven't put anything like the time in I did last month. I don't think I should have to worry about my exercise equipment missing me

Happy hump day
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