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Originally Posted by Rachelle23 View Post
Hello everyone! I am on week two of the IP diet, and I am struggling =(
I am either hungry, or I eat extra protein and don't lose weight. It is day 9 and I have only lost 3 pounds! I feel like I have given up so much - and 3 pounds?!

I have to say thanks to everyone though, because reading everyone's stories is very encouraging and makes me want to keep going!
Oh Rachelle. Im sorry you are struggling but know that we have all been there. It does get easier. Are you eating all your veggies? Lettuce? HAve you talked to your coach about how hungry you are?

We are all here to motivate each other so never be afraid to ask for help etc. Keep it up, I promise it it is worth it.


***Week 1- 14 pounds
***Week2 - 4 pounds and 10 inches
***Week 3 - 6 pounds.....only 50 more pounds till Im a smokin hot bride on Sept 18*****
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