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Originally Posted by Chaplains wifey View Post
Feeling a bit discouraged today . Im thinking I have hit a plateau this week . Ive been averaging about 5 lbs a week since I started this 9 weeks ago almost 10 now . I weighed in on Tuesday and I have only lost 2 lbs so far this week . I am a bit worried I ate something I shouldnt have . I am very careful and have not cheated once on this diet .Yesterday I went to lunch with myfamily and ordered a veggie omlet with egg substitute , no cheese , and no avocato . No wI am worried that maybe they used the bad oil to cook it . Do you think thats going to hurt me and cause me not to loose this week . I am working so hard to get this weight off before my husband comes home from Iraq . Needing inspiration today !
don't be discouraged!!!!!!! You are doing so awesome!!! Your not going to hit 5 lbs every week, just be glad that the scale is going down, as long as it's going down your moving in the right direction!!

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