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Originally Posted by CinnamonSparkles View Post

babs181 - why is Claritin bad for you? I've been going to an allergy doctor for years and I was on Claritin for 6 years straight. Then it stopped working so now I'm on something else. Also I get allergy shots. I hope your skin clears up. My back ache came back a week after I started IP (had cleared up from a few years ago- it's adult ache) and my face is breaking out too. My coach/dr said it's the body going through detox. Used some benzoyl peroxide on my back for a few weeks and it cleared up again. I have eczema so I'm afraid to use a medicine that strong on my face. Just using salicylic acid on my cheeks and nose for now. Seems to keep it at bay. But who knows what it could be? I usually don't eat this much animal protein, whey, or milk products, so it could be that too. Thank you for sharing about your skin. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

I tend to stay natural with most things, that's why this diet is great for me. Claritin in general can build up on your system and create a lot of problems down the road, which is why it stops working for a lot of people. I generally don't take any medications at all, benedryl is strong for me too. I'm one of those people who really tries to find all possibilities before going on medication. In fact, I don't take stuff for headaches or aches and pains, I go homeopathic or acupuncture. Antihistamines in general aren't really good because they suppress the body's natural ability to get rid of the problem, just like most cough suppressants and stuff to help with colds that suppress symptoms. Now there are definitely times when the symptoms are so bad that something is needed, but I tend to do my very best to avoid that kind of stuff at all costs. (note I work for a company that sells homeopathics and spent four years working in conventional pharmaceutical sales, so as a sales rep I've seen both sides to some degree, I'm on this diet because I want to focus on overall wellness and addressing the cause beneath a lot of health problems, in my case prevent what I can)

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