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Default Puts Things into Perspective

I'm 'only' 150lbs. My highest ever was 164. Now, I never thought much of it. In the mirror, I felt I looked the same at 164, 150, and even 140. So I always figured I'd look similar enough at 170, 180, 190, 200... That's just how I thought.

Now, I've been watching the Biggest Loser (small spoiler ahead) and Sherry has always interested me. She's (realitivly) a light-weight and pretty darn short too (like me). I figured if she looks like that at her current weight at week 9 (163lbs) she's gotta be like 4'10" or 4'9" or something. After all, she's so close to my weight!

Ohhhhh no. I was wrong. Miss Sherry is short... but she's taller than ME The little lady is 5'1" so her BMI right now is about the same as mine at the beginning of my ticker.

I'm absolutely blown away that if I were to gain a few extra pounds, I could turn out looking like her or some of the other contestants (however, I'm not apple-shaped, so I know I'll never look exactly the same). As the contestants get closer and closer to a weight I can compare to, it makes me wonder about myself and how I see myself. It also shows me where I can end up if I don't reverse this process now...

What an eye opener.
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