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Originally Posted by BevS View Post
Hi, fluffy, I was just reading about diet sodas. The studies say that most diet sodas don't inhibit weight loss. But the sodium in them could cause some people to retain water. And the carbonation can keep women's bodies from using calcium. The study actually said more than 2 sodas a day would do this, but that it wouldn't hurt men's absorption of calcium. Weird, huh?
ITS not the carbonation, its the aspartame- that will mess you up big time. carbonation can inhibit sports proformance but not diet. diet coke with splenda would be okay but tastes funny. I know for a fact the diet rite tangerine does NOT affect ketosis... i did my own little experiment.... but i did have a diet sprite when i was very nauseous one day and it threw me out of ketosis for half a day. it is the aspartame. water IS best tho.
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