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Default tangerine diet rite

Originally Posted by carlasherea View Post
Just one more thing that isn't fair when you compare men and women!!!! I guess if you have to have one have it right after your weigh in. It will be gone and no affect at your next weigh in. PRETTY SNEAKY
i have found that the tangerine diet rite sodas have no affect on my ketosis what so ever- made with splenda- and one night i was having an ... er "experiment"... drinking them and then testing my ketones afterwards and i was still in high/ moderate burn... through all THREE OF THEM...... purely for scientific research I tell you... what a sacrifice- but i mainly drink kangen water all day and they actually have a weight loss protocol which i can do with the ideal protein and it is supposted to accelerate my weight loss... i just got the 3 different PH balances and am trying to get the routine down but you would NOT BELIEVE THE RESULTS these women get by doing the weight loss protocol with kangen water- it resets your stomach's digestive acids- and best of all ITS FREE!!
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