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Today....the day from H-E double L!!! I've been sick the past couple of days so haven't been to work. I have been completely faithful to IP (Today is day 4). Today I walked into work only to be told by the regional director that my co-worker and I are being taken out for lunch. My first thought was PANIC!!!! I caught my breath and responded with..."Thank you but I brought my lunch" I was told too was his treat and he wasn't taking no for an answer. More panic!!! I tried to play the "I'm on a really strict diet and this is day 4 and I've been really good and really am not up for going out"...I even threw in ...take my co-worker and thank you so much for the offer. Next thing, my manager is standing in front of me telling me that this is an appreciation lunch for me and my co-worker and if I didn't want to go, I didn't have to. Her tone definately told another story. Now I feel bad and obligated grrrrrrrrrr...
So, after stewing for a bit and getting down right ticked off for letting my manager make me feel bad, I pulled up my big girl pants and thought F-I-N-E!!!
I ate my lunch that I brought about half an hour before we were suppose to go. I had brought a salad with chicken....very good I might add. Then I went for lunch with them.
I ordered a Caesar Salad with no dressing, no croutons and no cheese with a couple of slices of lemon on the side.
The waiter just looked at me and said "So just a plate of lettuce?" As polite as could be and with the sweetest smile I said "Yes please" then took a sip of my ice water.
I ate my lettuce just so I had something keeping my mouth busy so I wouldn't say anything I would regret. I was actually full from my lunch so watching the other 4 people I was with stuff their faces with their over porportioned, greasy, gazillion calorie entree's didn't even phase me. If anything I had a "eff" you attitude going on and when all was said and done I think my boss and district manager felt bad that they all gorged out in front of the fat girl who was trying to diet. LOL!!!! I walked out of there as smug as could be. Head held high. I even thanked the regional man for lunch (all $14.99 worth of lettuce) Not a word was mentioned about how great lunch was or anything. I'm sure they would have enjoyed it a whole lot more had I not been there I guess it's true.....Karma is such a bit#h!!! But you have to love her.
Thanks for listening all!! And thanks for inspiring me! I feel so good about today and am not quit sure how I would have dealt with it had it not been for alot of your stories and for once just believeing in myself and know "I can do this" !!!
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