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Originally Posted by carlasherea View Post
Okay, so I used to like the chicken soup. For 2 days. I tried it today and almost threw up. Literally couldn't eat the whole packet. I hope it doesn't affect anything that I only ate 1/2 a packet for lunch. I did get all my veggies in at least. I am thinking I would enjoy just having the chocolate and vanilla drinks.

Trying these other funky flavors are not working out. I finally can eat the omelet without gagging. Oh well, I guess you just have to get used to different flavors, but I think the chicken soup will have to be off my list permanately.
Oh, I feel ya. I liked the chicken soup in the beginning, had it maybe three times. Then, I was having it one day and nearly gagged trying to finish it. Needless to say I don't order any of the soups anymore. I do like the omelet when mixed with cooked bok choy. I usually have it for lunch on the weekends.
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