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[QUOTE=yinyang;3205492]What do you all do to prep for your week food wise?QUOTE]

I really enjoy zucchini and summer/yellow squash quite a bit so I bought a mandoline and once or twice a week I cut strips of these longways and I cut up lots of them (and some bell pepper too). I set my mandoline to cut the thickest cuts. Then I cook all the slices in water and garlic for awhile to get them closer to soft. I then take them to the outdoor grill and grill them all in batches, turning them over adding some olive oil from my Misto and they get the grill marks on them. As they come off the grill and others go on, I put them in a food container and add sea salt. Since this takes awhile I do quite a few.Then as the week goes on, I pull what I want out and reheat for dinner, or chop up and add into omelets, etc. That's one thing I do...
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