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YEA go girl I'm so excited for you.

I am home most of the time, so prep is pretty easy for me. I do cut the meat into 5 oz. portions and freeze in baggies. I also try to take care of the veggies when I get home from the store. I find myself eating cukes most of the time because they are easy and I love them. Now that is the really lazy!!!! I also keep a bag of frozen around since I can't always get good fresh stuff in my small town. When I have to be away I drink a prepared vanilla shake and take a cuke. I like herb tea and can drink that hot or cold, but mostly I have just been sticking to the water, water, water....does get kinda old. But, I do notice it when I am not drinking enough now.

We gave up pop(soda to some of you) when my son started into high school sports. The coach didn't want the kids drinking it so I quit buying it. Not saying that I didn't enjoy a vanilla diet pepsi once in a while, but it wasn't hard to give up totally for me. When I read what it can do to you and how it makes you feel. WOW. Not being critical.......I know it is the staple for a lot of people. You know, that could be some of the icky feelings some are experiencing the first couple weeks.....withdrawal.
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