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Originally Posted by yinyang View Post
Tricia- I know how hard it can be to go out to eat. I usually drink unsweetened ice tea, even when I am not on this plan. Is there such a thing as soda sweetened with Splenda? I did find some Arizona brand green tea that has splenda and I drink it iced.

What do you all do to prep for your week food wise? I try to have all my lettuce cleaned and in large ziploks, and then have a ziplock with cut up veggies to add to my salad. Otherwise it takes so long to get a meal up and going. I have roasted veggies with sea salt and olive oil, and Mrs. Dash the leftovers work great to put on top of my salad.
I prep all my vegetables over the weekend. I cut them up and put them into individual ziploc bags. I slice up cucumbers and zucchini and chop tomato, onion, green bell pepper, green onion, mushrooms, etc... I buy packages of mixed greens and hearts of romaine. While I'm making my omelet in the morning, I can just throw a salad together for lunch. I always keep frozen shrimp in the house. That way, even if I don't have time to run to the store for fresh meats, I can still make dinner.

I buy meat (chicken, pork tenderloin, steak) and cut them into 5 oz portions in advance and put them into individual ziploc bags.

All this prepping at one time on the weekend is kind of a pain, but it sure makes the week easier when everything is ready to go.

As for what to drink, when I started IP I gave up soda. Period. I am a Dr. Pepper junky. I would literally go weeks at a time without drinking ANYTHING but Dr. Pepper. Now, either an IP drink or water. That's it. So I don't ever have to think about what to drink. I always have a bottle of water with me now wherever I go. I never knew until I gave up soda, how bad I felt while drinking it. I'm not saying that everyone should give up soda...just saying I'm glad I did.


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