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From CinnamonSparkles: BevS - I will take your "it wasn't bad" feedback as a sign that the Walden Farms PB and J is reasonably decent to eat! Could you post your crepe recipe please? I wouldn't count that as restricted either -the nutritional profile seems great!

Hi, Cinnamon: Here's my recipe:

1/6 c. (or 1/2 of a third cup measurer) Maple Grove Farms sugar-free pancake & waffle mix (I buy it in the local Kroger's diabetic section)

1/6 c. NOW natural whey protein isolate (buy from Netrition)

Sprinkle of Stevia

1 tsp. grape seed oil (optional) I count this as part of my 1-2 teaspoons of oil per day

2 Tablespoons water

1 egg white, whipped with fork until frothy

Mix dry ingredients in a small bowl. Mix in oil and water. Mix in egg white. Preheat non-stick pan. Spritz pan with PAM. Makes 4 small crepes. Turn when bubbles form on top and cook a minute or so longer.

My friend doesn't put the egg white in hers cause she says she likes them crispy. I don't think she puts the oil in either. Oh, yeah, there are 23.6 g. of protein rather than 20. I forgot to count the egg white.
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