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Originally Posted by babs181 View Post
Thank you to someone, blanking on who now, who last week cleared up what NSV means, I was confused too. And because of that my first NSV. I was getting ready for work this morning, and annoyed, can you imagined annoyed that my pants were too big!!!! So I thought well, I'll iron them a gain, maybe get a few wrinkles out and they'll look a little better. I went into the office where I keep the iron & board, and happened to glance into the closet, light bulb went off!!! I have all these work clothes I haven't worn in years, a mix between them being too small at the time, or too big when I lost weight a few years ago. Pulled out a pair of pants, and couldn't remember why I'd put them in there. Tried them on, they fit awesome, must have been because they were too small, and they were Express, not a brand I'm crazy about anymore, but their sizes at the time did run fairly small, so yay!!!

It's strange to realize I'd forgotten about a whole closet full of suits, and I'll be able to have fun trying them all on now, though hopefully not forever as soon they'll be too big too.
I had the same feeling on Sunday ! Went to get dressed for church and everything was too big ! Although I should of been so happy I was a bit depressed because I had nothing to wear . I Know that is so silly and dosnt make sense . I am trying to hold out till May when my husband comes home for two weeks from Iraq before I go and buy new clothes . I am going to buy me a new easter dress this weekend ! Excited . Everyone have a blessed Day ! Your doing great !
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