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Default Cleaned out the closet last night...

For the past several months, I've been alternating each day between only 2 pairs of jeans...size 42 inch waist. I only bought them because I couldn't fit into any of my 40s and refused to buy more than 2 because I didn't want to spend money on fat clothes.

I was able to quit wearing those 42s last month, and now all of my 40s are too big. I can put them on and take them off while snapped and zipped. Without a belt, they just fall off.

Now I can wear all of my 38s...some are a little loose, some are a little snug. Funny how different brands are with sizing.

I have 3 bags of clothes ready for Goodwill and lots of empty closet space.

The problem: I have no 36s. A couple years ago I convinced myself I'd never be thin again and that hanging on to 36s was just stupid. In a few weeks, I won't have any pants. That will be the first time I've ever not been able to fit into anything I own and had to go shopping for SMALLER clothes.

This program is amazing! I still find it hard to believe how much weight has come off and how quickly it has happened. There's a little extra hop in my step today.

Thanks for listening and stay on track!

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