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Good Morning everyone! Just popping online before heading out for a hike with my FH and the dog. Its our last day of our mini vacation and the weather is so incredible that I want to take advantage of it before heading back to work tomorrow.

I had my Week 2 WI and I lost 4 pounds. Im happy with that result since all week I was up and down. Im beinging measured tomorrow so Im excited to see how many inches have been lost. I tried on a pair of pants that I couldn't even get done up and they are loose so I know this diet works.

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and suggestions, it sure helped. Here's to a great week 3 for me and a wonderful week for you all.


***Week 1 -14 pounds
***Week 2- 4 pounds

Only 51 pounds more to lose before Im a smokin hot bride on Sept 18*****
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