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Originally Posted by Mystical Mamma View Post
Wow - so many great weigh in results this week and super NSV's!! Weigh to Go everyone!

And a big congrats to all those who entered Onederland! Yahoo!!!!

Had a few of my own NSV's this weekend.

1) Went through closets and dressers and purged 3 very large garbage bags of clothes that are way too big for me! YAYYY!!!! Donated them to someone on freecycle! Felt awesome!

2) Bought a few items of clothing to hold me over and had a really hard time finding my correct size! After a few tries, finally settled on a relaxed 18 or snug 16 pants and XL shirts! YESSSS!!! This from a 3X shirt and size 22-24 pant!

What a great feeling to fit into smaller clothes and feel good about myself!
Hi Kris,

That is terrific you are in smaller clothes. I bet you look wonderful. I need to do some purging myself. It is so hard to buy new clothes because you have been used to shopping for the bigger sizes. Definitely don't assume anything fits anymore, try it on because it may be too big.

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