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Originally Posted by yinyang View Post
Thanks to everyone for the info on aspartame. Something to check into.

Tonight I printed out two "inspiration" pictures that I saw from a recent vacation. I was horrified when I saw how fat and old and awful I looked. If I get a weak moment and want to go off program, a look at those pics should bring me back in line!

What little reminders do you use to keep on track and stop the evil thoughts to eat off the program?
Well, it seems your new to the program like me? Well I used to be on other diets similar to IP where the main mechanism for fat burn was ketosis, and its a big deal when you slip up with a carb over load- you have to detox again and have ZERO FAT BURN for three days- maybe all just for a chocolate chip cookie- three days for one cookie? but that may not be enough motivation... sometimes its not for me, so i constantly have to make deals with myself- usually if I REALLY WANT SOMETHING i am hungry- so Ill say I'll make some broccolli and my IP pack and maybe put 1 TB of shredded cheese on the broccolli as a treat ( it has zero carbs and like 35 calories in it and it will not pull you out of ketosis- i know this for a fact- i still don't understand why we can't have it but anywho...) and usually i don't want anything after that... sometimes ill buy myself a new dressing with 0 or 1 carb in it for special occasions and use it when i am feeling deprived... and if that doesn't work- ill say- okay ill go on a walk and if that doesn't make me feel better THEN ill let myself have a cookie... anywho it motivates me to do everything possible to keep from cheating and it almost always works.ill never DENY myself anything- just make compromises or deals with myself and it usually passes. Also as you make more positive changes while your on the diet you will begin to associate that lifestyle with IP, as opposed to the lifestyle you had before which will give you more incentive to stay on track. but sometimes... we all detour... just do the best you can!!! thats what im doing!
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