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Originally Posted by dad View Post

Here's my tips:
  • It may be too soon to try Walden Farms dressings. If this is only your 5th day, then you still remember how good real dressings taste. Give yourself a few weeks on the diet and then try them again. When I started, I didn't eat salads at all since I couldn't have dressing. About three weeks in, I decided to buy the WF dressings so I could have salad. I was quite surprised at how edible they are. Give your taste buds some time to adjust.
  • Take the supplements. I'm not very good with taking large pills either. When I started IP, I had to work each supplement down individually. Now I can just throw them all in there at once and swallow them with one gulp of water.

Just hang in there and keep going. It all gets easier.
great tips Scott! I also would encourage folks to try new veggies - ones you didn't like before, you may like now. I absolutely hated turnips and radishes before - now i find that i really like them. same with the IP products - i despised the cereal in the beginning but now really like it and find it really refreshing. However, I'm still not sold on the WF products except for the balsamic and asian dressings - i use them as my bbq sauce on meat - hate on salads. My salad dressing is equal parts white vinegar and light olive oil with about 1/4 of a packet of splenda. i bought one of those oil/vinegar thingees - i don't bother refrigerating it as it's only oil and vinegar and not perishable - very handy.

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