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Hi Virgo,

I did not weigh in on Saturday like I had planned. I went on a 4 1/2 mile hike instead.

I did my weigh in today and it has been 1 week exactly ( I started last Monday, March 1). After one week, I have lost 9.25 pounds. I am excited about that. After my 3 day prep, I had lost 9.5 pounds so I have actually gained .25 of a pound since last Thursday. I had sore muscles after my hike and they told me that if you get sore muscles, they give off lactic acid and your body send water to that area to help to alleviate the pain so I could be retaining water and that could be the reason for the .25 gain. Who the heck knows? I have not eaten anything off plan since I started and I have been exercising alot so I know the weight will come off.

How are you doing? Keep me posted and keep up the great work!!
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