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Weekly Update - Week 13
90 Day Progress Pics - Major Goal!!!

Starting Weight - 260 lbs
Current Weight - 210 lbs
Loss This Week -2lbs
Total Loss - 50 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!! I made it. My own version of P90X lol.

I was hoping to reach 50 lbs lost by the 90 day mark and I hit it exactly!!! Can't quite say how excited I was.

I'll skip over the week 13 stuff, cliff notes--- I was on the road and ate good all week, and did good with exercise. Not a perfect week but an A-


90 Days since I started this process. 90 Days ago I weighed 50 more lbs than I do today. So here's a couple of measurables....

Waist: Started 42/44, now comfortably in 36's

Pushups: Started < 10, now can do 3-4 sets of 30 good pushups

Weight Machines: Started at 90lbs on most, now at 155-170 on most with same reps

Cardio Couldn't run at all; now can do 1.5 miles consecutive at 7mph. Can do 60 consecutive minutes of other forms of cardio

The biggest benefit by far has been the increased energy to keep up with my daughter, we have so much more quality time now. I am never to tired to wrestle, run around, do piggy back, etc...

Progress Pics

Not the best pictures, but all I've got handy. Painful to show the befores...

Before (at 260lbs)

Current (at 210lbs)

Looking to the future
I still have plenty of work to do to get down to my current goal of 190, the next 20 lbs could well take another 90 days. But I also think I'll see some huge body transformation in the next 20 lbs.

Also BMI calcs are dumb, the middle of normal for me is 145 lbs at least according to my WiiFit. LOL to lose another 65 lbs I would have to lose a ton of muscle I think. I'll reevalute when I get to 190, but don't think I'll go too far past there.

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