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Originally Posted by rachel13 View Post
thank you Jordanna... I was down 1.5 on the scale but 4 lbs. fat which is great! I knew that I slacked off this week on getting all my water in and my coach said that my retention was up so I am going to be chugging the water the next few days to see if I can have a few more lbs. come off like Libby* did a few weeks ago. I am officially at 145.2 and so today I went home and tried on all my old jeans and shirts that either haven't fit in a year or 2 or didn't "look right" on me. I feel like I went shopping! I like how all my old shirts look and I have finally managed to fit into my favorite pair of jeans (they are a little snug but 5 more lbs or so should do the trick) Needless to say I am in a great mood today. Congrats to everyone who is losing this week!

I am going to Texas on my spring break next week for a wedding. I plan to have 2 meals at a place called Cheddars.. by this time I will have been solid on IP for 5 weeks so I am going to have a few small portions of pasta on those to occasions and some wedding cake. I am going to enjoy the heck out of it too Have a nice Monday!!
Those are called "planned slips" and IP will be there for you when you get back. Eat a few bites of protein before the pasta so you don't get an "insulin surge" from the carb intake.

But most of all: Have fun and let us know how it went when you come back.

Oh, and what are you wearing to the wedding? I love fashion reports.
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