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Jordanna - Congrats on your NSV and continued losses.

My weekend went better and now I am not as hungry as I was last week. I think I am in ketosis, as I do have a somewhat different taste and the reduced hunger. Yeah! I have been using BreathRx mouthwash and it seems to really help. My hubby can't stand that ketosis breath.

I have been having a few sugar free pickles in my salad and it is so good. I always have put these in my salad and am glad I can continue. They have
1g carb which so far hasn't hurt me.

Tomorrow is my first weighin. I am anxious to go as I feel "lighter". We email our food list to our coach and she has everything ready for us. So far I find I like all the food. I do like to make the puddings into a smoothie though with lots of ice.
Starting over and feeling excited!
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