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Hi everybody! Congrats "3Meows" on your weight loss. I am still 'potting' along. Sorry I didn't respond to everyone, as I don't usually post too much on this forum.
I post as "joan719" on Jenny.

As for the weight loss, I am long past menopause! I do have Grave's(thyroid) and after zapping my thyroid twice, I am in a hypothyroid state. I don't blame this as much as the fact that I began 'tweaking' the menu selections.

I realized that, unless we replace another item with the same nutritional stats as the item we don't care for, that we are throwing off our 1200 calories per day. So, this week, I have put together my 7 day menu, by looking at ALL the planned menus for Weeks 1 through 4, and selected my favorite days, as listed, without making any changes. More enjoyable to choose things you love and know that it is calculated to 1200 calories per day by the nutritionists. I will see what happens this week!

I hope that everyone is doing well, and certainly looking forward to Spring!
Sunny aka joan719
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