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To the person who commented that responses re: Freshology's GetSlim are canned or somehow untruthful, I take offense. First, I disagree that the eight examples you mentioned (me included) were "all around the same time" -- in fact they go from August 2008 through October 2009. Half of them are in the first quarter of 2009, which whould not suprise you since we tend to be more focussed/give more effort to weight loss/start a new program early in the year (New Year's resolutions, etc.). Second, yes, I only wrote once. I only did the program for one month last Spring because that was all I could afford. I absolutely LOVED it. And I lost about 10 pounds in that month. Since then, I have tried a variety of prgorams/ways to keep off that weight loss and have more or less done so (even spent two weeks at a really amazing fitness retreat called Mountain Trek in British Columbia for their turkey burner program over the holidays). Bottom line is, though, I haven't lost much more than where I ended up after stopping Freshology the first time, so guess what? I just signed up again for a month with them to try and jumpstart the next 10 pounds! That's a long way to say that my response was legitimate and I'm sure the others are too that have said favorable things, since I agree with them wholeheartedly. As for not "blogging" all the time or giving updates... not to be rude, but I really have limited free time and I'm not frequent to this site, so I just never thought about it/got around to posting any further feedback.
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