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Originally Posted by QuilterInVA View Post
Any company that gives health insurance to its employes is penalized by higher premiums for obese employees.
Not only does the company pay more, even the employees pay more to cover the difference in costs because the pricing is standard for everyone. And has been stated, they are not punishing employees that don't meet this criteria, they are rewarding employees that do.

Although you won't be pulling in the salary or benefits at Whole Foods that you would if you worked for, say, Goldman Sachs, but they have consistently been within the top 25 in Fortune Mag's Best Companies to Work For for the past decade. Their CEO/founder even voluntarily reduced his salary to $1 during the economic downturn in an attempt to save as many jobs as possible. They have salary caps on executive pay as well and base it on how much the lowest paid employee is making. It's a grocery store, but this isn't your average Safeway.

It certainly sucks that some people don't get to benefit from the extra 10% discount due to something completely out of their control, but like I wrote in the other post, statistically these people are still more likely to have health complications resulting in higher medical costs whether the cause is genetic or not. The skinny people in horrible health? They won't qualify for the discount either. The incentive isn't out to punish anyone, but rather attempt to cut costs at a time when everyone is counting every penny.
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