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Originally Posted by melbal View Post
Hello - my first time here and I've been trying to find all the information before I Post. I'm new to weight watchers and I'm confused about the following.

Are activity points capped?
Do they have to be eaten on the day, or can they be saved for the week?
Does eating all your points or less depend on how your body reacts?

So help here would be GREATLY appreciated.
* They USED to cap the activity points to 4 per day.

* They USED to have to be eaten the day that you earned them.

* WW encourages you to eat your points allotted for the day (but you don't HAVE to eat your extra 35 flex ones)

But as things change over the years and they keep changing their program, it makes me think - well, is there any difference to eating your AP the same day or not? If it made such a huge difference, why would they change it? You know?

Personally, I liked it when they gave you a range of points and no 35 flex points. For example, my range was 23-27. Some days I would eat 23, some days 27, depending on my hunger level.

as for activity points, since they used to cap it at 4 points, that would ROUGHLY translate to 200 calories (each points is ROUGHLY 50 calories), so to me if you have exercised and are super starving, a snack of 200 calories that same day isn't going to kill you.

HOWEVER, if you earned 15 AP points and roughly translated that to calories, that would be 750 calories. Do you really want to be eating an extra 750 calories in one day??? I think not.

I know quite a few calorie counters on here (there was just recently a thread about this) don't eat their calories earned from exercise. I would think it would be the same on WW.

keep in mind though - this is just my opinion.

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